Parasians Helps Organizations Drive Business Accelerations with Parallel Computing

Taking advantage of parallel computing can be a cumbersome and difficult process. Parasians helps organizations navigate the process and address the intricacies - from acceleration opportunity recognition, to risk mitigation, to technology deployment.

Our focus, expertise and results:

  • Focus: We help organizations significantly speed up compute-intensive applications on  highly parallel manycore GPUs and multicore CPUs.
  • Expertise: We built the methods on our cutting edge research at leading universities and  validated with actual industry deployments.
  • Results: Since 2009, our clients dramatically lowered costs using fewer resources.  Moreover, they increased revenue with new services made possible by our technology.  Parasians accomplished this through boosting application performance by 14x to 750x!
A parallel computing transformation is underway, and Parasians is leading this revolution.
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